Wednesday 24 October 2018

Virtual Director

Changes since: Virtual Director (STABLE)

NEW - Live Stream and History Page added.
NEW - Zoom control and preview for Datavideo BC-50.
NEW - Now possible to create stations & shows manually.
NEW - Demo mode now possible by using new switcher type DemoMode.
NEW - Server now passes the streamer api host to the switcher in order that the client knows where to pick up the live stream preview.
NEW - Manual live stream control added into web manager.
NEW - Added support for Blackmagic SDK v7.5
NEW - Discogs API now uses TLS1.2

FIX - PTZ presets for Panasonic cameras now shown +1 in order to correlate with the camera's webpage.
FIX - Recording time out validation improved to ensure value greater than zero.
FIX - Branding preview stills now correct.
FIX - Changing camera config matrix now forces switcher reconfiguration.
FIX - Race condition in updating state of recording and watchdog fixed.
FIX - Service keep alives refactored in order to prevent process queue hold ups.
FIX - Process queue wait is too long if messages are not continuous.
FIX - Error copying assets when making a copy of branding.
FIX - Video file transfer now recovers if the streamer terminates unexpectedly.
FIX - PTZ now being set correctly for Panasonic AW-HE2 cameras.
FIX - Adding a user no longer results in a dialog error.
FIX - Opening the Phonebox Server page in web manager now forces a refresh of shows and stations.
FIX - Tracks no longer appearing twice in the playout / tracks page.
FIX - Password now being correctly passed to GPIO login command.
FIX - Yellow Brik no longer appears as a camera type.
FIX - Speechmatics server route path now correct.
FIX - Ingest now works correctly.
FIX - VideoTranscriptionSuggestion controller now has backward compatible route for PB4 Clients.
FIX - Transcription now uses the correct MP3 filename.
FIX - Username validated log entry no longer being logged as error.
FIX - Default LWCP port for QOR connection is now correct.
FIX - Numbering of GPIO pins in the log is now correct (no longer starting at 0).
FIX - XAML Off Air preview and order in web manager is now correct.
FIX - Dequeuing of Yellobrik streamer data no longer slower than it enqueues, resulting in decreased memory usage.