Wednesday 23 January 2019

PhoneBOX 4 Client (STABLE)

Changes since: PhoneBOX 4 Client

NEW - Codec support for Tieline Merlin
NEW - Codec support for Aeta Scoop 5S
NEW - Codec support for Luci Studio
NEW - Active Directory integration
NEW - French language support
NEW - Support for new Anywhere feature
NEW - Upgrade to .Net 4.7.1 to accomodate latest Skype TX component
NEW - Add message reply to search results
NEW - Font size changes to "On Air - Presenter" views based on High Visibility flag
NEW - Liner read improvements, prevent reread within 5 minutes
NEW - Badge now shown on contents button to show unpopped contests or liners
NEW - Dual name field support
NEW - Add Datavideo BC-50 Camera preview and zoom support for Virtual Director
NEW - Allow simple cash prize draws
NEW - Allow copy of SMS phone number
NEW - Ensure inactive OAQ call is converted to an active one when its called back from the OAQ.
NEW - Enhancements to "Source Routing - Lines" view
NEW - Opt-in mode for call details
NEW - Media button added and Director button functions split
NEW - Prize Manager 2 support for station groups
NEW - PB Client Updater service .NET version now 4.x to match client
NEW - Option added to exclude warning / banned callers from Answer Next
NEW - Support for SkypeTX promote to video
NEW - History can now be displayed for person or number
NEW - Support for Virtual Director post to file
NEW - Support for custom message type
NEW - Support for sending of SMS
NEW - Handset selection indication is now consistent with other devices

FIX - Visual improvements to codec dial pad
FIX - Docked views - Calls search is stretched vertically covering more of the screen than expected.
FIX - Presenter Devices view - Dragging a call from the VOIP/Client handset to the OAQ results in an item without caller name or description
FIX - Next and previous buttons in on air viewer ignores call items
FIX - Phone call item, preview (Viewer) appears too small in on air queue
FIX - Double call details appearing on docked devices top view
FIX - Crash when switching with an active call from a docked view with handset
FIX - Docked views with a poppable call log - header goes black if a TBU is selected and the call button is pressed
FIX - Problem closing client when minimized
FIX - On air queue message viewer zoom buttons overlapping with profile pic
FIX - Call counter not correctly incrementing in certain circumstances
FIX - Dynamic chat show setting prevents any chat being sent
FIX - Docked Devices - Calling from the directory should not be allowed
FIX - Floating call log window - black call log header for outbound active calls
FIX - Cursor jumping in point field (point tab) for Call Screener view
FIX - Filtered message list by tag does not update if tag changes
FIX - Docked views long press / right click does not allow for VOIP/Client Handset to be selected
FIX - Problem closing client when minimized
FIX - No popup displayed to show 'dial exception' message when using a voip handset
FIX - Font size change in Reading pane doesn't stick
FIX - Lack of codec availability is not obvious enough
FIX - Currently selected directory should be indicated
FIX - Dial pad incorrectly popped when dialling from call log
FIX - floating chat window in 'docked devices' view can close unpredictably
FIX - Dead VD panel left on screen when VD server goes offline
FIX - Dial buttons when dialling from the call log becomes truncated
FIX - Cup icon should be displayed on winning call in history window / multiple records bug
FIX - Selected OAQ item in 'presenter simple view' when other clients alter queue items
FIX - Ensure postcode entry in client does not bust the max length of the database field
FIX - Tabbing into a checkbox and pressing space causes UI lockup
FIX - Fatal when clicking Live Stream
FIX - Memory leak fixes
FIX - Smart queue buttons not appearing properly in location and identity modes
FIX - Buttons at foot of "New status" screen truncated
FIX - Short tweet exception when checking for retweets
FIX - Right hand menu bar not reset when unpopping a message
FIX - HD indicator not showing
FIX - Reading panel not updating with call details in 'Presenter Simple' view
FIX - Client FATAL if clipboard access is attempted but not allowed by the OS
FIX - Route in 'Presenter Device' view closes OAQ
FIX - Client updater/install will now downgrade as well as upgrade
FIX - Reject button symbol is missing in call screener view
FIX - Contest and liners text is clipped
FIX - Routing docked news view not working
FIX - Presenter - On Air Simple and Presenter On-Air Devices view selection is reversed
FIX - Softphone audio only coming out of 1 ear
FIX - Call search popup should close on clicking 'call' button
FIX - Contest tab- slow popping of multiple prizes without images