Tuesday 8 January 2019

PhoneBOX (General) (STABLE)

Changes since: PhoneBOX (General)

NEW - Codec control support for the Tieline Merlin
NEW - Codec control support for the Aeta Scoop 5S
NEW - Codec control support for Luci Studio codec
NEW - Enhancements to Systembase codec control
NEW - Active directory integration
NEW - Stored database passwords are now encrypted
NEW - SIP enhancements to PRACK, UPDATES, REINVITE and registration interval adjustment
NEW - Inbound CLI manipulation - more advanced rules & E164 support
NEW - Opt-in mode for call details
NEW - Skype TX now supports promotion to video
NEW - Allow simple cash prize draws
NEW - Dual name field
NEW - Anywhere
NEW - Improvements to winner alerts
NEW - Station groups support for Prize Manager 2
NEW - Upgrade to .Net 4.7.1 to accomodate new Skype TX component
NEW - Improve connectivity of Element switcher type
NEW - Critical system event emails
NEW - Liner - prevent re-reads within 5mins
NEW - TLS 1.2 support for installer SQL scripts
NEW - Email sending now supports custom ports and SSL

FIX - Incorrect IP address used for local RTP endpoint  when using Audio Server with machine name overide
FIX - Server crash while rapidly transferring handset calls
FIX - Dialling in routing view only offers PCMµ as codec
FIX - Incorrect SDP passed to handset following OK from provider
FIX - Resolve MOH issues following IPO server fail over
FIX - Unparking into conference with spurious re-invite from provider causing port change in SDP
FIX - Inactive calls in OAQ don't reliably update when details are changed by another client
FIX - Issues parking and unparking calls where the trunk issues a re-invite in response to a re-invite from PB
FIX - Improve description of prize alert configuration settings
FIX - Data mining - default answered option is incorrect
FIX - Reinvite from provider during transfer immediate results in call setup on wrong port and on both devices
FIX - Clear call from AS2 device before transfer immediate
FIX - Station column now sortable in the shows list page
FIX - Some external interfaces not properly cleaned up if their config changes resulting in multiple connections
FIX - Prevent configuration changes to an individual external interface from causing all interfaces to reconnect
FIX - Element switcher type not querying input states on startup
FIX - Call log search fails on caller name
FIX - Newer config sections missing from menu in webmanager
FIX - Additional available cash available not calculated
FIX - Skype devices can be deleted when referenced by device layouts leaving orphan records