Wednesday 6 February 2019


Changes since: OASIS

NEW - Framework change to 4.7.1 will enable TLS 1.2

FIX - Improvements to Instagram and Facebook operations
FIX - Installer blanking PB Calls database password on upgrade
FIX - YouTube live defaults to 720p
FIX - You Tube Live Stream is cancelled if any call to the Google API fails.
FIX - Oasis Admin re-querying token status for every account on every save
FIX - Rename Instagram fields in Oasis Admin
FIX - Uptime log entry for Ingest missing hour value
FIX - Musicbrainz lookups causing errors when multiple social media entries for the same platform are returned
FIX - Memory leak if Sql commands dropped due to full processing queue
FIX - Surpess analytics error if show has no station defined
FIX - Improve display of social account login window within OASIS Admin with smaller screen resolutions
FIX - Message search throwing error in some circumstances