Wednesday 6 February 2019

PhoneBOX 4 Client (BETA)

Changes since: PhoneBOX 4 Client

NEW - Add Phone Number 2 to "Copy To Clipboard" output
NEW - Add print option for message log items

FIX - Cursor jumping when call on handset and normal call details and call changes state with cursor in field
FIX - When printing calllog item with trophy selected in alert incorrect string is displayed
FIX - Call Screener - If a call log item is selected while an active call is on the Handset then it will remain selected even if the active call is dropped/parked
FIX - Call log can become disabled
FIX - Screened / flagged command from handset not updating popped call details
FIX - Problem with question answer updates to server and UI
FIX - Crash during view switch due to resource dictionary access
FIX - Screener call switch update issue
FIX - Live codec calls not showing in OAQ
FIX - Remove redundant files from installation process
FIX - Crash to desktop when switching from Routing/Docked Newsroom to Routing/Docked Top
FIX - Message edit screen can be opened twice with first getting stuck
FIX - Message filter should be kept during pause/unpause process
FIX - Message and call printing locking UI thread if printer is slow to respond
FIX - Codec slide-out incorrect Skype Login/Logout button displayed
FIX - Clicking on a codec makes route and invokes dial in 'source routing lines view'
FIX - Null reference exception preventing update of name fields in client call details
FIX - Flag icon remains on handset after call is dropped
FIX - Locked line Padlock icon is obscured by the HD call icon
FIX - Dragging an active call from OAQ to handset can cause the client to send an unpark even though the call is not parked
FIX - Lockup message loop error
FIX - Error in handset device

FIX - Today's date not updated for VD videos if client is open a long time
FIX - Revert to VLC 2.2.1 and fix Time Display for videos over 1 hour
FIX - Virtual Director Live Stream Preview not working
FIX - PTZ is not recalled when Camera Settings dialog is opened
FIX - Compatibility issues with VD1
FIX - Click through on VD live stream panel
FIX - Unable to save PTZ Preset in Panasonic from Client with VD1
FIX - New VIDEO button missing in social view
FIX - Unable to control Panasonic HE2 cameras in VD1 with client
FIX - Malformed URI when recalling BC50 ptz setting
FIX - Fix location of plugins in wrong directory and add Chroma folder for still capture
FIX - Search not initialising when transcription is enabled.