Wednesday 6 February 2019

PhoneBOX (General) (BETA)

Changes since: PhoneBOX (General)

NEW - Allow configuration of 'service failover' in webmanager
NEW - Improvements to Luci codec implementation
NEW - Include Anywhere code expiry in invitation email
NEW - Prevent anywhere sip services from registering
NEW - Aeta extract sip number and name
NEW - Add Aeta & Tieline codec types to web manager

FIX - Enhancements to Anywhere email invitation template
FIX - Anywhere sip reconnect taking too long
FIX - Direct dial on CISCO handsets results in ongoing ringing messages from server to handset
FIX - Unsolicited REINVITE from provider for call on handset not re-inviting handset
FIX - Memory leak when retrying web web socket connection to Anywhere gateway
FIX - Error on incoming anywhere call preventing call log entry and lookup
FIX - PhoneBOX Common Person Record object needs to include First Name and Last Name updates
FIX - Server shutdown produces error
FIX - Change forward contact header to resolve customer issues
FIX - Stuck call on handset device if call cancelled while ringing out
FIX - Direct dial from CISCO handset with a quick hangup before SDP negotiation completes results in stuck trunk call
FIX - Null reference exception in remote end phonecall method
FIX - Unable to answer call if webhook server times out
FIX - Ensure updated SkypeTx tokens are replicated to backup servers
FIX - Skype TX codec calls not setting media server channel to correct device
FIX - Aeta -  call log issues for incoming sip calls
FIX - Handset conference stuck when last call removed
FIX - Audio device handset exception thrown on hangup
FIX - Stuck call on handset device if call cancelled while ringing out