Wednesday 3 April 2019

Virtual Director (STABLE)

Changes since: Virtual Director

NEW - Remove duplicated encoding settings and combine remaining tabs

FIX - Concatenating .ts files via FFMPEG leads to artefacts at the minute mark
FIX - Rename Switcher tab to Audio Visual in studio configuration page
FIX - Only delete recording folder if folder is empty
FIX - Remove Still Location field now that it's superfluous
FIX - Label of Overrun field incorrectly states units of milliseconds
FIX - Data export fixes
FIX - Video Stream Client Connection Fixes
FIX - vMix IP address field label needs space inserted
FIX - vMix Enable Multicorder checkbox incorrectly aligned
FIX - vMix v22 Connection fix
FIX - Refactor recording control to fix vMix timing issues