Tuesday 25 June 2019


Changes since: OASIS

NEW - Lookup and store supplementary data against most followed rows in DB
NEW - Roll followee data over every hour (if enough data) and persist in DB per show group
NEW - Enhancements to polling feature
NEW - Facebook video upload to use newer chunk based method
NEW - Enhancements to POP3 email - add subject and include a * wildcard check to return all addresses in the mailbox
NEW - Auto replies to poll entries
NEW - Add extra parameters to VD start live stream message to support future stream transport modes
NEW - Implement new StreamHealth and LiveReactions data inside the LiveStreamEvent client message
NEW - Add installshield project to Git
NEW - YouTube enhancements
NEW - Add streaming type for BBC Silver
NEW - Add code to ingest emoticon information and stream views etc. for live streams
NEW - changes to Twitterizer, and more to fully support extended tweets
NEW - Exclude Retweets from Twitter List search results

FIX - POP emails not importing when email headers contain pipe character (|)
FIX - OOM crashes due to noise words
FIX - Message search slow performance
FIX - Error loop when attempting to start FB live and page is rate limited
FIX - Changes for Facebook Graph API version 3.3
FIX - Most followed SQL error
FIX - FB Live streaming error in status processing
FIX - Admin 'Show Inactive Accounts' ignored after a save
FIX - Delay Facebook wall reads during page API rate limiting
FIX - Increase number of tweets passed into followee analysis
FIX - Upgrade to latest YouTube API libraries
FIX - Improve usability when adding accounts in Admin
FIX - Line breaks missing between errors in the Ingest Fatal log
FIX - Errors deserializing twitter message
FIX - Improvements to Twitter searching
FIX - OASIS  FATAL when  playout listeners are assigned the same port. Prevent the user from assigning the same listener port to 2 playout listeners.
FIX - Prevent rate limiting issues with management of Twitter lists used for analytics
FIX - Prevent problems with pre-existing Instagram accounts used after upgrading to the new Facebook Instagram API
FIX - Request publish_video Facebook permission in Oasis Admin
FIX - Twitter search results would not return if users had country restrictions set
FIX - Enhance display of ReTweets and Quoted Tweets
FIX - Reduce timeout before reporting problems controlling Director
FIX - Facebook post data included an extra line break
FIX - Change Facebook library to use .Net framework 4.71 to match host applications
FIX - POP3 consuming large amounts of bandwidth on restart
FIX - Facebook login button in Oasis Admin not conforming to their brand guidelines
FIX - Previous contact counter for an identity incremented each time a message was updated
FIX - Logged uptime does not include hours