Tuesday 25 June 2019

PhoneBOX 4 Client (BETA/FOX)

Changes since: PhoneBOX 4 Client

NEW - Change client to expect call datetime in UTC
NEW - Implement Prodys Quantum codec type
NEW - Enhancements to polling feature
NEW - Enable grouping of tagged items in OAQ
NEW - Custom fields
NEW - Allow devices to be paged like lines
NEW - Chat time display issues when client and servers are in different timezones
NEW - SkypeTx - Caller details auto switch to be like Telco
NEW - Remove redundant legacy PB3 messaging code
NEW - Show setting to stop new social comments causing message to jump to top of queue
NEW - Allow configurable auto response text when setting up poll
NEW - SkypeTx Codec Call log item to show SkypeTx logo
NEW - Add support for BBC Silver account type
NEW - Build with latest audio server libraries targetting latest mediasuite and .net 4.7.1
NEW - Tooltips on devices to view point
NEW - Remove inappropriate call slideout options for Anywhere calls
NEW - Add a special chat code that will send a message to all connected clients
NEW - Allow clickable hyperlinks in chat
NEW - Application command line parameters to override configured values
NEW - Remake Fox installer to incorporate various Eagle changes
NEW - Change anywhere create invite form to use contributor mode rather than chat read/write permissions
NEW - Toggle read state of messages
NEW - Add 'call details' option to handset widget slide out menu
NEW - Allow tags to be managed from within messages
NEW - Quick way to clear tag from a message
NEW - Consistent tag display for calls and messages in OAQ
NEW - Implement view restrictions based on new device layout settings
NEW - Dual name field - Real Name & Display name option
NEW - Added newtonsoft dll to Vx proj
NEW - Enable support for OASIS stream types BBC Silver and Generic Live Stream
FIX - Line view stops updating with correct caller information
FIX - Qualified spelt Qualifed in client

FIX - Calls arriving in the call log after client startup are not correctly sorted by time when a filter is cleared
FIX - Regional date / time formats not used on Virtual Director Media selector
FIX - IPO and VX Outbound calls cannot open active call details
FIX - Vx ability to get call stuck on handset
FIX - Unwanted updates sent to server when opening call details
FIX - Call log point cut off in unpopped view
FIX - Calling from views with poppable call logs causes calllog item header to go black
FIX - Date picker control issues
FIX - Opening and closing a popable calllog causes calllog items not to be found on second open
FIX - Text label truncated when adding caller to draw (on low resolutions)
FIX - Liner items do not expand in the OAQ to make body content readable
FIX - Message search results returned out of time order
FIX - Crash to desktop changing view
FIX - Views with a poppable call log do not return results after the first time
FIX - Date picker on poll edit screen always selects current date
FIX - Poll editor question field not wrapping text
FIX - Adjustments to polling results screen
FIX - Clicking outside of  the "centered copy caller-item icon" causes the caller-item body to disappear
FIX - Caller Firstname can disappear from OAQ when selecting the caller item
FIX - New lines showing encoded in "No show directory exists" error message
FIX - Client slow loading
FIX - Caller name not updating on lines, devices and call details for some calls
FIX - PersonSearch icon on call details shows 0 despite having results when clicking on it
FIX - Outbound SkypeTx calls do not autopopulate active caller item if an inactive caller item is already popped. (Following same behaviour as Telco)
FIX - Confirming a service forward fails
FIX - Codec and Telco buttons not showing correctly when switching between active and inactive codec and telco calls in call details
FIX - Routing views call log items are slightly blurred Active/Inactive
FIX - Transfer event not raised while call is on a softphone
FIX - Skype Search should not allow field to be blank as it may confuse the user
FIX - Line breaks are removed from popped messages
FIX - Message items are not being wrapped. Text is going out of scope of the message item.
FIX - Active OAQ caller item does not display name field
FIX - Crash to desktop using call button from OAQ
FIX - Message history displaying MMS icon for SMS items
FIX - When a tag is added to a message item it pushes the body/message content down slightly clipping the bottom of characters
FIX - Messages display of most mentioned messages also contains a Date Last Won/Prize header
FIX - Standardise tag visual
FIX - Cannot drag active calls from the OAQ to client VOIP handset
FIX - Filter by number in call log does not work
FIX - Unable to drag call from hybrid into OAQ when OAQ visible area is full with items
FIX - Enter button press in Skype Dial/Search popup should initiate a search
FIX - Inactive calls in OAQ with no name entered should show number instead
FIX - Message search results filter not correctly applied to subsequent searches
FIX - View selection scroll bar not working
FIX - YouTube changes to token exchange, fixes proxy use, and add status to Admin
FIX - Remove spaces from forward numbers when set in the client
FIX - Prevent client from being able to answer calls to devices which are unavailable
FIX - Client softphone problems with OPUS payload types
FIX - Comments can become duplicated when popping messages
FIX - ClientOASIS OnLiveStreamStatusResult
FIX - Call recording popup is empty if call details is popped
FIX - PTZ is not recalled when Camera Settings dialog is opened.
FIX - Null reference exception preventing update of name fields in client call details
FIX - Flag icon remains on handset after call is dropped
FIX - Locked line Padlock icon is obscured by the HD call icon
FIX - Dragging an active call from OAQ to handset can cause the client to send an unpark even though the call is not parked
FIX - Virtual Director Live Stream Preview not working
FIX - Live calls used elsewhere and inactive calls share similar colour in the OAQ