Tuesday 25 June 2019

PhoneBOX 4 Client (STABLE/EAGLE)

Changes since:

NEW - SkypeTx caller details auto switch to be like Telco

FIX - Line view stops updating with correct caller information
FIX - Prize section typo
FIX - Regional date / time formats not used on Virtual Director Media selector
FIX - Message search results returned out of time order
FIX - Crash to desktop changing view
FIX - Views with a poppable call log do not return results after the first time
FIX - Unwanted updates sent to server when opening call details
FIX - Call log point cut off in unpopped view
FIX - Calling from views with poppable call logs causes calllog item header to go black
FIX - Date picker control issues
FIX - Opening and closing a popable calllog causes calllog items not to be found on second open
FIX - Confirming a service forward fails
FIX - Codec and Telco buttons not showing correctly when switching between active and inactive codec and telco calls in call details
FIX - Routing views call log items are slightly blurred Active/Inactive