Tuesday 25 June 2019

PhoneBOX (General) (STABLE/EAGLE)

Changes since:

FIX - Comrex codec password failure causes loop of retries draining resources
FIX - UltiDev preqrequisite being downloaded from web unnecessarily
FIX - PB Vx won't show calls if the Vx config is not supported
FIX - Sdp with Ack causing answering / handset re-invite deadlock and subsequent answer delay
FIX - Call stuck on handset devices due to provider drop before handset session establish
FIX - Build to include new client
FIX - E164 / Enhanced number format support for US locale numbers
FIX - VSet caller id appears as sip uri when no name set
FIX - Location lookup broken - Anywhere refactor
FIX - Voip handset not shown if other optional devices are set in the layout but not selected by the user
FIX - Skype calls showing skype name instead of full name on lines, devices and codecs
FIX - SkypeTx line with video enabled from a hybrid is not updated when transferred to a handset
FIX - Rebuild with Sip stack including REFER auth header fix
FIX - Exceptions during answering incoming provider call to sip devices causes stuck calls