Friday 22 November 2019

PhoneBOX (General) (STABLE/FOX)

Changes since:

NEW - Implement Axia Multicast GPIO external interface
NEW - Implement new VX Codec as part of new CommonCodec architecture - enable with server.ini [options] useCommonCodecs=1
NEW - Line Layout groups in configuration
NEW - Implement Audit logging of user actions
NEW - Allow Audio Server devices to auto answer if included as a service notification extension
NEW - Allow user to change login of Skype Services
NEW - Line Layout groups in configuration
NEW - Ensure HideSensitiveData system setting field to be sent to clients
NEW - Add Diversion header to SIP 302 Forwarding response
NEW - Implement version 2.19.1106.2 of SkypeTxAutomatoin (removes Dispatcher)
NEW - Allow SIP services to permanently restrict outbound CLI by placing the word 'anon' in the service shortcode dial prefix
NEW - Build with audio server jitter changes
NEW - Add new ExternalInterfaces common library to server installers
NEW - Populate FirstName and Surname fields in database for anywhere calls
NEW - Support SIP invite to withhold number
NEW - Integrate automation version 2.19.505.1
NEW - Multilevel Skype Device inheritance from linked layouts
NEW - Allow SIP services to permanently restrict outbound CLI by placing the word 'anon' in the service shortcode dial prefix
NEW - Call recordings to use host-name for retrieval by clients

FIX - Codec call log creation fixes
FIX - Pagename in DeviceLayoutCodecs does not accept NULL or blank value
FIX - UPDATES incorrectly sent when no Allows header present
FIX - DefaultDevice setting for Skype devices not being communicated to clients
FIX - SIP Services failing to de-register on shutdown
FIX - Some config tables not synced to secondary or included in the XML config export
FIX - Fixes and enhancements to Skype Services and dynamic login
FIX - Skype services in studio based line layouts ignored
FIX - Opus payload number changing unexpectedly during unpark operation
FIX - Anywhere chat name retrieval not working for full names
FIX - Change anywhere email timeout to 20s
FIX - Moh with various Opus payload numbers doesn't work
FIX - Prevent Skype Service logging in disabled accounts, trap errors at login if token is invalid, from preventing further services initialising, and improve logging
FIX - Shutdown not completing causing upgrades to get stuck and EXE needing to be manually killed in task manager
FIX - Fatal when logging out from Skype Service
FIX - AD config tables not purged prior to secondary configuration sync
FIX - Change the way Audio Servers are managed within the server to use host-names rather than IP addresses.  This prevents problems with IPs that cannot be resolved on server startup or may change during the time the server is running
FIX - Fatal in server with websocket / deserialization
FIX - Problems using SQL Windows Authentication following work to encrypt SQL Passwords
FIX - Build to fix locking issue when rest API unavailable to skype common library
FIX - Chat from Anywhere user is not correctly labelled with the sender's name
FIX - Clear local skype device object when clearing audio/video devices to prevent bad logging
FIX - Outbound calls that involve codec renegotiation on answer failing
FIX - Line Layout Group: Accessing assigned line layouts via page does not redirect correctly
FIX - Protect against Null To String conversion error in DeviceLayoutSkypeDeviceDto which caused api/v1/devicelayout/list call to fail.
FIX - Register SkypeDevices with MoreRestAPI
FIX - Skype devices should clear caller details when call removed from device
FIX - Internal events relating to Skype objects not correctly removed and causing erroneous log entries
FIX - SkypeTX logging improvements
FIX - Stuck ringing call on SkypeTX codec if call is ringing before the previous one ends
FIX - SkypeTX running connection cycle every 3 seconds even if its correctly connected
FIX - Tieline and Quantum ST codec types missing from configuration list
FIX - PhoneBox server service has to be restarted if SkypeTx server is not avalible when it started or is lost during runtime
FIX - Server FATAL caused by SkypeTX request cancellation
FIX - Server FATAL caused by audio server recording purging
FIX - Uninstall erroneously launching post-install job
FIX - SyncDb password can be removed from server.ini after upgrades
FIX - Question/answer records not reliably being added to new phonecalls