Friday 22 November 2019


Changes since:

NEW - Implement automation version 2.19.1106.2 (removes Dispatcher)
NEW - Integrate channel version 2019.43.00.139

FIX - ChannelLogonStateChanged event firing multiple times with each state change
FIX - Problems disposing of SkypeAccountBionics instances when they have not been fully logged in
FIX - Freeze when clicking Video button if no DeckLink driver installed
FIX - Rest api unavailability can cause channel command locking
FIX - SkypeTX logging improvements
FIX - Stuck ringing call on SkypeTX codec if call is ringing before the previous one ends
FIX - PhoneBox server service has to be restarted if SkypeTx server is not avalible when it started or is lost during runtime
FIX - SkypeTX running connection cycle every 3 seconds even if its correctly connected