Friday 22 November 2019

Virtual Director (BETA/FOX)

Changes since:

NEW - Change switcher config page to  SignalR push model.
NEW - Add approved feature to album artwork
NEW - Enable Skype Switching when video is enabled on Phonebox
NEW - Add GPI events to allow external triggering of user controls
NEW - Allow FFMPEG for live streams to be run under a user defined account.
NEW - Add option to update show name if its changed in PhoneBOX
NEW - Implement WebSocket publish queues
NEW - Change switching parameter defaults for new installations
NEW - Add purge fail safe
NEW - Add ability to click through to video from transcription search result
NEW - Add encoding parameters for BBC silver
NEW - Allow configuration of folder location for transcoded download videos
NEW - Show search word sentence context in transcription search results.
NEW - Support BBC Silver and Generic Live Streams from OASIS
NEW - Add Video Still Location setting to Web Manager
NEW - Change Video Recording view to SignalR push updates.
NEW - Add Now Playing artist artwork

FIX - Only delete recording *.log files if from vmix source.
FIX - Audio Source list does not refresh after edit.
FIX - Installer not updating server
FIX - Stop website in IIS before updating web manager
FIX - Fix switcher disconnect on zero bytes received error
FIX - Return Collection Properties in export/config/collections request.
FIX - Trap indexing error when checking transcription
FIX - Device layouts name incorrectly prefixed with GUID
FIX - Eagle to Fox Data Conversion. Convert Tracks/Artist.
FIX - Backport multiple FFMPEG still capture prevention
FIX - Fix Licensing
FIX - When transcription mode is set to OnDemand all videos show as transcribing
FIX - Recordings with Silent Audio should not show subtitle  tab or the transcription control
FIX - Show working graphic when loading videos.
FIX - Non approved artwork still showing
FIX - Now Playing doesn't update if no Next Playing
FIX - Change PTZ default to 1 when adding new camera
FIX - GPIO Fire button clicks through to edit pane
FIX - WebManager error page when server is offline.
FIX - EncodeDelete REST API call returns not found
FIX - Internal calls to PhoneBOX API still require API license
FIX - Provide purging for transcoded download videos
FIX - Recording state not updating in web manager
FIX - Selected camera not highlighted when web manager studio control page is loaded
FIX - Archive Fixes
FIX - Change of Show/Config fixes
FIX - License doesnt read max switchers value.
FIX - Web Manager installs into wrong directory
FIX - Fix to DemoMode switcher not indicating connected
FIX - Streamer Service Not Stopping
FIX - Playout Graphic shows artsit GUID rather than artist name.
FIX - Subtitles fail when archiving option not set.
FIX - Fix ffmpeg concat filename
FIX - Change black magic streamer reconnect loop to try 10 times before raising disconnected event
FIX - Race condition between iteration of keys in recording task in collection leads to stuck loop of attempting to write to non existent recording task.
FIX - *.ts files with missing parts can throw ffprobe and give incorrect duration. If ffprobe returns a wildly different duration to that of our estimated duration based on start stop times. Go with the estimated duration.
Tolerance can be set in the ini file setting "durationerror"
FIX - AXIA GPIO Triggers do not appear to be selected in the correct order. Add sort order to query.
FIX - Fix potential ambiguity between global and branding assets with the same name. branding asset preferred.
FIX - Remove Current Program Input check from AudioVisualResourceManager
FIX - Refactor File Transfer to fix stuck recordings at Global
FIX - Fix typo in Live Stream Stop Screen.
FIX - NDI Build of FFMPEG does not support rtmps. Change VMix live stream to use Direct Show and VMix Device as source.
FIX - Making changes to a copied studio config always creates a new.
FIX - Videos with a post roll only fail to encode
FIX - Recording Downloads are not purged with the recording record.
FIX - Fix vMix Squeeze transitions.