Tuesday 25 February 2020

PhoneBOX 4 Client (STABLE/FOX)

Changes since:

NEW - More french translations
NEW - Add a second shortcut to inform users of the product name change

FIX - Jitter buffer expiry should be overridable in softphone
FIX - FATAL when initiating and outbound Skype call if device is busy
FIX - Softphone recordings only saving to default location
FIX - Smart Search Location Map not working
FIX - Improve Smart Search Location lookup to include region/county name and switch to HTTPS
FIX - After entering a docked view from arbitrary size window, coming out of docked again returns users to halfsized window not expected fullscreen view
FIX - Condensed source list item truncating text and status
FIX - Source group name (delimited with source name) is shown on destination
FIX - Cleanfeed menu on sources is no longer functioning, the popup never appears
FIX - Cancelling out of the 'change show' process can prevent certain choices being presented at next start
FIX - Unicode display issues with liners
FIX - Problems with dynamic optional codecs in routing views with new source grouping feature
FIX - Device operation can execute while a previous operation on the same operation is still executing
FIX - PB4 Telco devices are able to accept multiple calls by rapidly unparking/answering
FIX - Touch scrolling no longer working in sources list in routing views
FIX - Data consent tick box missing from call screener views
FIX - Chinese message text not correctly wrapping
FIX - Exiting from the AD login prompt does not close the application, instead it loops and prompts again
FIX - Prevent having to re enter AD details twice in a change show process