Tuesday 25 February 2020

PhoneBOX (General) (STABLE/FOX)

Changes since:

NEW - Disable anywhere chat on backup server when not active
NEW - Timer to log back into default Skype account after a period of inactivity when a different account is logged in
NEW - Allow Audit Log Entries to be written to a separate file.

FIX - Fix websocket bug that prevented client connections from working correctly
FIX - Skype channels and devices can become locked out after certain dialling failures
FIX - Problems with calls being stuck on handset devices when providers clear down calls during setup
FIX - EnhancedNumber conversion not applied to outbound calls to ensure E164 numbers are stored in local format
FIX - Private/Secret call details not always restricted
FIX - Draw source error in some regional settings
FIX - Prevent unnecessary provider UPDATE during call setup on handset device
FIX - Comrex codec errors on call disconnect due to parallel processing of two status messages
FIX - Prevent SIP calls from being able to be dialled with an empty number
FIX - Errors when updating person records if OAQ contains no call records
FIX - Remote drop of SkypeTX codec call would not populate client call log
FIX - Ensure anywhere connections only happen on the online server in a backup/primary setup
FIX - Call lookups failing if records exist with a NULL StartTimeUtc
FIX - Prevent router destination fader change events being sent to all clients
FIX - Errors relating to SkypeTX service and channel actions
FIX - Installer upgrade to add Chat StartTimeUTC column creates extra replication batches
FIX - SDP with ACK not triggering after a REINVITE received without SDP from provider
FIX - PopulateStartTimesUTC Update process failing on installations using Sql Windows Auth
FIX - FATAL caused by AxiaGPIO interface re-connections
FIX - Ensure RestApiRequest is disposed in all places
FIX - Comrex codecs not automatically reconnecting if socks proxy host cannot be resolved
FIX - Display user friendly Skype name on SkypeTX Codecs
FIX - Service withheld anon prefix not applied to Callback calls
FIX - SkypeDevice stuck in onair state after failover scenario
FIX - Allow dynamic withheld to use anonymous or shortcode CLI restriction
FIX - E164 / Enhanced number format support for US locale numbers
FIX - Errors logged when blank line received from Axia Console External Interface
FIX - Build with common fix to web request disposal
FIX - HangUp GPI  does not enforce fader open or call state lock restriction
FIX - SkypeService DefaultAccount property not passed to client at startup causing incorrect login menu item to be displayed instead of logout
FIX - Skype services in studio based line layouts ignored