Wednesday 14 October 2020


Changes since:

NEW - Add generic HTTP SMS send type which supports GET and POST with JSON data
NEW - Add Bulletin SMS ingest type
NEW - Implement direct SMS sending from clients without reply
NEW - Set the Publish Queue default to be active for all shows
NEW - Implement incoming WhatsApp messages from CM Telecom

FIX - Tweets containing & and other HTML not displaying correctly
FIX - Trap error logged on Ingest Shutdown
FIX - Twitter main stream alternate account selection if rate limiting reached
FIX - Issues with regional dates causing some SMS providers not to ingest in some regions
FIX - Implement new Facebook permission types used when authenticating and obtaining tokens
FIX - Implement a more lenient error control system in the Facebook wall reader
FIX - Server not loading any messages from the database on startup in some timezones
FIX - Prevent Inactive publish queues from appearing in client selections
FIX - Update to new VizRt interface to allow for deleting used slots
FIX - Implement Fonedynamics SMS provider
FIX - Ensure all SmsReaders use the same log category