Wednesday 14 October 2020

PhoneBOX 4 Client (STABLE/FOX)

Changes since:

NEW - Support for WhatsApp Messages
NEW - Add support for Audioserver REST API file transfer method with legacy TCP method check
NEW - Sending of SMS without replying to incoming message

FIX - Drag active call from OAQ to device should leave call in OAQ as it does when you press route
FIX - Revert on air queue button order so that the up / down buttons are at the top
FIX - Vertical toolbar buttons not correctly sizing to the available screen space
FIX - Using the OAQ buttons or selecting different items causes OAQ buttons to enlarge
FIX - Client softphone outputting audio on only one channel
FIX - Client will crash if Machine does not have a studio or device layout assigned.
FIX - call log search does not indicate recordings present for calls older than 6 hours
FIX - Call log entries not showing some call recordings
FIX - Build with latest audio engine fixes
FIX - Click through regression when using Skype dial pad, and clicking to dial a contact with an idle Skype line beneath
FIX - Active directory restrictions preventing client from starting if a particular domain controller is unreachable
FIX - Intermittent failures to add call log entries after clients have been editing the call when active
FIX - Issues with classic view dimming lines
FIX - Drag/drop and scrolling issues
FIX - Build with latest call recording fixes from audio library
FIX - Drag operations starting on the border of one control can result in an incorrect drag source object
FIX - CTD due to message log child item stack overflow
FIX - Initial load of messages can fail due to error
FIX - Adding optional codec in full routing view leaves swirling cursor
FIX - Fix inefficiencies in MessageLog loading 
FIX - Callback calls cannot be hungup when another call is on a device with fader lock
FIX - Drag and drop from call point or message text causes adjacent item to selected and raises Visual3D error in log file
FIX - Client defaults to hand/headset as default device rather than configured default
FIX - Zephyr codec dial pad has bottom row off buttons cut off
FIX - Group name visible in codec dial pad title
FIX - Hangup All not working if the client only has a softphone device and no others
FIX - Print button lost from OAQ toobar
FIX - New internal message function stops working after editing of an email message
FIX - VD MediaPlayer transcription: Deleting a word results in a CTD
FIX - F3 keyboard shortcut should not work in screener view
FIX - Keyboard shortcut for gender selection in screener view reversed
FIX - Dial pad F2 shortcut triggered even when Shift or Ctrl is held
FIX - OAQ-Callitem: Ability to transfer blocked softphone call from one client to another
FIX - Closing the client whilst in docked mode causes area of window to be unusable
FIX - Glaze when changing views is on the wrong screen