Wednesday 14 October 2020

PhoneBOX (General) (STABLE/FOX)

Changes since:

NEW - Allow Mayah codec to function in SIP mode
NEW - Comrex codec read sip username and set as logged in user for idle text display
NEW - Server ini file option to override default worker thread counts

FIX - Transferring calls from audio server devices can result in failed transfer
FIX - Audioserver devices reporting offline when multiple connections overlap
FIX - Case sensitivity issue when using Audio Server MachineName override
FIX - SIP CANCEL can run during call setup leaving problems behind
FIX - Change Mayah codec message processing to be more thread efficient
FIX - Log local UDP port used for level information sent to clients
FIX - Backup server offline can cause delay to OAQ updates at end of call
FIX - Improvements to Skype reliability when accounts have problems logging in
FIX - Unable to make outbound calls with audio server devices
FIX - Provider OPTIONS pings not working when services use different local port to the main system port
FIX - Transfer operation not locked from overlapping requests as per Unpark and Answer
FIX - Make SIP device/handset hangup routine return success/fail and route call operation code accordingly
FIX - Repeated websocket errors in server log
FIX - Skype media server connection status causing startup service logins not to happen
FIX - SIP Prack message not compliant with some providers
FIX - Improve Skype handling of failed call setup scenarios in Lines mode
FIX - Improvements to Handset to prevent failed calls getting stuck and then causing answering of inbound calls to fail
FIX - Optimise Mayah codec thread usage
FIX - Notify extensions can stop ringing if calls drop during setup of ringing
FIX - Directory person lookup not including the second phone number field
FIX - Keepalives and telco messages stop being processed by the server
FIX - Crash inside SkypeImage Finalizer
FIX - Optimise Skype Avatar image handling to improve RAM usage when there are large number of contacts and accounts
FIX - A single Skype Channel failure marks all devices on that server as off line
FIX - Server loading MOH config several times on startup
FIX - Problems calling Skype For Business search result that is not a contact
FIX - Skype Codec stuck call after failed dial