Thursday 11 February 2021

Virtual Director (STABLE/FOX)

Changes since:

NEW - Sort Studios by Name in Studio Overview page

NEW - Sort Services by Name

NEW - Order Shows Available to Studio by Show name

NEW - Show Recording details across all tabs

NEW - Try to reconnect to Lawo desk immediately upon disconnect. 

NEW - Make switcher graphic request interval ini setting.

NEW - Prevent selection of recording until post process is complete.

NEW - Allow Edit of Ember+ Triggers

FIX - Level meter and dbfs labels not Updating on studio config page.

FIX - Lawo connection with no host name causes error

FIX - Recording Cache build on start commented out in error.

FIX - Device Layout Issues when serialising to DB

FIX - Graphic Process Queue error on new install

FIX - Phonebox Online state not updated when server is first seen offline.

FIX - Reduce idle memory usage when large number of brandings are configured

FIX - Remove bizarre Hello World! log entry

FIX - Fix Alignment of Studio Home Page when large names are used

FIX - Multi Track Recordings stop processing when a studio is unconfigured

FIX - FFProbe duration fails if locale and ffprobe output dont match up

FIX - Bit rate isnt updated if data is no longer being fed from streamer.

FIX - Fix API Address in webmanager VideoRecording Thumbnail property

FIX - Take thumbnail out of video recording cache to preserve memory.

FIX - Multitrack recording identification needs to include show ID

FIX - Add logging and retry mechanism for livestream state.

FIX - Speed up outbound graphic creation using cache.

FIX - Race Condition between Update of recording and Encoding process starting leads to occasional failure to encode to MP4

FIX - Protect against missing artist record in track.

FIX - Output single audio track in adobe premier export

FIX - Fix to multitrack xmeml output to include unused track with clip set to duration of entire video but clip not enabled.

FIX - Single Track recordings should not be sending recording events

FIX - Race condition between RecordingStarted event and RecordingId appearing in the datbase for multitrack recordings

FIX - Camera to file mapping not shown correctly in web manager

FIX - Add all multi track tracks even if they are not used.