Tuesday 9 February 2021


 Changes since

NEW - Presenter view (Full feature)

NEW - Scheduler (click clock) screen revamped, can now add seconds.

NEW - Improved RDP support for remote control

NEW - Next line shown in Orange

NEW - Shift+Enter for multi line in chat

FIX - Unproxied vsets crash Hx6 and Iq

FIX - " crashing chat in Hx6 / Iq

FIX - Areacodes for iceland

FIX - .NET 4.7.1 installed as prerequisite by installer

FIX - Scheduler was one second out

FIX - Repeat schedules weren't repeating

FIX - Don't auto switch to ringing line if viewing old call record

FIX - User mode rememebered between sessions

FIX - Delay button now highlights when pressed