Monday 26 April 2021

PhoneBOX 4 Client (STABLE/FOX)

Changes since:

NEW - Implement over destination selection indication

NEW - Remove device space from Three Column views where no devices are configured

NEW - Don't add old PhoneBOX shortcut back if it's been deleted

NEW - Improve codec call quality indicator

NEW - Auto-collapse sources codec groups on startup

NEW - Add collapse/expand triangles on sources list group headers

NEW - Add X to clear filter on sources list

NEW - Visual changes to sources group headers

NEW - Change STX automation reference to be latest

FIX - Condense white space beneath chat messages and prevent message selection

FIX - Prevent softphone re-invite from restarting audio if the call ends at the same time

FIX - Call quality indicator on codec displayed in device views in all wrong.. broken in recent update

FIX - Docked views - Calllog search does not appear (Grey line appears)

FIX - Freshen up codec icons and appearance

FIX - Dragging over lines when mousedown has occurred on another area of the client causes line pick-up

FIX - Codec's in routing views show slideout indication triangle even if there are no available commands on the slideout

FIX - Sources list slow when lots of codecs present

FIX - Improvements to source icon area in routing views

FIX - Visual improvements to codec call quality information

FIX - Sources list filtering issues with expanded/collapsed groups

FIX - Additional zero being sent for PTZ preset recall

FIX - Client crashes relating to service initialisation

FIX - Missing content type on softphone reinvite acceptance causes trunk negotiation issue

FIX - Issues with behaviour of popups from directory window

FIX - CTD when switching to docked routing view

FIX - Scheduled messages viewer not accessible from press and hold on messagelog 'status' button

FIX - Cannot highlight text in OAQ preview window for copy/paste to another app - add copy button

FIX - Client recording purge duration not honouring system setting