Monday 26 April 2021

PhoneBOX (General) (STABLE/FOX)

Changes since:

NEW - Allow a default source to be routed to codecs when they are un-routed (uses the reverse route selection)

NEW - Implement Tieline codec dialling and improved status

NEW - Certain Anywhere calls not using proxy

NEW - Automatically include video in Skype Calls on devices with names prefixed with *

NEW - Default mode to use new Common codecs

NEW - Build with SkypeTxAutomation 2.21.309.1 for JToken memory growth fix

NEW - PM2 build

NEW - Remove Anywhere branded header from Anywhere emails

FIX - Problems using handset after dialling directly

FIX - Audio server check licence failure after new audio server added

FIX - Enhance Purge  routine to manage VirtualDirectorLinks table and reorganise person and phonecall indexes

FIX - Prevent crash when changing an Axia Console External interface that isnt connected

FIX - Prevent stuck call when call setup received a Request Terminated response

FIX - Anywhere OAQ does not update caller details when they are changed on the PB4 client

FIX - Skype account no longer retrying logins after initial failure

FIX - Exception during Anywhere person lookup request

FIX - Prevent Anywhere services from consuming service licences

FIX - Database error can prevent Skype accounts from initialising

FIX - Skype automation memory management changes

FIX - Stuck handset device call if two clients unpark to the same device

FIX - Remove attached image from Anywhere invite email

FIX - Anywhere answer fails when no m line present in sdp

FIX - Sdp parsing error in commin library (fox only)

FIX - Element / Fusion interface not working with Quasar console

FIX - Audio SDP parsing needs to use the connection line linked to the audio media line

FIX - Banned voicemail check for incoming SIP call needs to refuse the call with BusyEverywhere

FIX - Clients unable to start if show directory converted to be global