Wednesday 27 October 2021


Changes since:

NEW - Ensure Identities are purged

NEW - Change Instagram and Facebook to API version 11.0

NEW - Changes to Twitter and Instagram feeds to support multiple images

NEW - Add warning text when MMS contains an unsupported attachment

NEW - Log twitter token and secret after account authorisation so this can be extracted and used for the list interactors account

FIX - Image attachments no longer working on Twitter

FIX - Change Facebook API to v12

FIX - Twitter follower count not updating since first message.

FIX - Rare issue where deletion of child message with no external id could delete other messages

FIX - Outbound issues with Bulletin Messages

FIX - Use twitter place coordinates for geo location field to increase location information

FIX - Not all messages loaded on start-up are available to clients

FIX - Oxygen8 push SMS is not correctly decoding messages with emojis

FIX - Websocket client connection object not releasing pipe threads

FIX - Tweets containing & and other HTML not displaying correctly

FIX - Facebook Live Stream description not displayed on some mobile apps

FIX - Large SMS Pop3 emails causing message processing to fail

FIX - Fixes relating to Bulletin SMS provider 

FIX - Binaryclient buffer size value too small

FIX - MMS over Pop3 improvements to trap unsupported message types and store multiple images