Wednesday 27 October 2021

PhoneBOX (General) (STABLE/FROG)

Changes since:

NEW - Allow configured divert number to be used for dial gpi

NEW - Secure client connection data transfer with TLS 

NEW - Change SDP library to separate processing of audio and video media segments

NEW - Allow ember gpio to use node wildcard at end of path

NEW - Update Locations.bin with Lithuanian Area Codes

NEW - Rebuild with PM2 build containing 'Winners' report filtering fix

NEW - Update Bionics Director Camera list when camera image added in web manager.

FIX - Handset devices using incorrect Skype Media Server IP address

FIX - Change safety code to hangup handset if provider call ends during setup, so that it uses the full Stop Audio process

FIX - Optimise memory usage of Person record cache

FIX - Unable to answer calls after terminating calls using the handset

FIX - Change to SIP header processing to prevent errors resulting in stuck handset calls

FIX - Prevent shortcodes from automatically being stripped from inbound calls - strip number prefix can be used for this purpose

FIX - Alter source label parameter name used in Axia Consoles router labels

FIX - Prevent ringing continuing after initial response has been sent

FIX - Ensure a SIP BYE message is sent after a CANCEL if it has crossed over with the remote end accepting the call, including before RINGING received

FIX - Call stuck on handset devices when remote hangup occurs during establish

FIX - Websocket client connection object not releasing pipe threads

FIX - Modify invite/reinvite moments to ensure video segments of SDP are maintained

FIX - In VX do not show all services as busy when Busy All is active

FIX - Problem with multiple notification handsets not all being able to answer calls

FIX - Anywhere lookup of contact from PB server fails if "Name Format" is set to "First name & Surname"

FIX - Fixes to purge routine to prevent person records linked to Anywhere Invitation from being removed before the Invitation expired, removal of expired Invitations in the database, and solve timeouts relating to call and person index maintenance timeouts

FIX - Improvements to stability of hansdet/vx devices where calls are cleared during answer

FIX - Changes to SIP CANCEL handler for conditions where calls are cancelled during setup

FIX - Optimise webhook config lookups to use a cache rather than query database for each call

FIX - Additional logging for errors relating to on air queue management of inactive phone calls

FIX - Softphones failing to register with wrong realm value

FIX - Issues with automatic rejection of banned callers