Wednesday 27 October 2021

PhoneBOX 4 Client (STABLE/FROG)

Changes since:

NEW - Support data encrypted connections with the talkshow agent

NEW - Support data encrypted connections with the social agent

NEW - Allow configurable recording timeout for the VoIP softphone

NEW - Improve level metering

NEW - Internal changes to support multi image messages from the server

NEW - Enhance picture viewer to support animated gifs

NEW - Change the text colour on ringing lines to black

NEW - Allow F3 key to step through messages in the On Air Queue

NEW - Change to use BBCommon.Audio library

NEW - Move PTZ protocol specific control into switcher and out of client

NEW - Change PTZ commands to CtoS command

FIX - Prevent freezing when typing text into fields with automatic spell checking

FIX - Alter text of the post new status popup to improve understanding of what this function will do

FIX - Messages within OAQ deleted when drag and dropped within OAQ.

FIX - Unable to hangup held Skype call if client only has a softphone

FIX - Ensure recordings that reach their maximum length are available from the call log at the end of the call

FIX - Arabic chat text not correctly displayed

FIX - Change to SIP header processing to prevent errors resulting in stuck handset calls

FIX - Prevent ringing continuing after initial response has been sent

FIX - Ensure a SIP BYE message is sent after a CANCEL if it has crossed over with the remote end accepting the call, including before RINGING received

FIX - Prevent dial pad from appearing when using the ctrl shift F2 key combination

FIX - Issues with adding and viewing directory entries

FIX - Reduce boldness of destination caller name font

FIX - Softphone RTP ports not freed if call dropped before answer

FIX - Missing Dragging message to OAQ triggers deletion from OAQ

FIX - Profile images of messages in OAQ no longer visible on client start

FIX - Improve performance of OASIS connection to solve issues with downloads of large image attachments