Wednesday 27 October 2021

Prize Manager (STABLE/FROG)

Changes since:

NEW - performance improvements part 2

NEW - Performance improvements Part 1

NEW - French translation 

NEW - french translation pt 3 

NEW - performance improvements to winner list and home screen part2

NEW - focused drop down loose arrow

NEW - calendar schedule height

NEW - default max json data size to 10MB

NEW - draws keywords can be setup with invalid characters

NEW - change language on the fly

NEW - bring back the old email from local email client option on winners

FIX - Issue with cash accumulator contests not correctly assigning cash back to 'pot' if a winner is unassigned 

FIX - export issue when prize selected

FIX - Changes to SIP CANCEL handler for conditions where calls are cancelled during setup

FIX - Websocket client connection object not releasing pipe threads

FIX - cannot assign winner to existing caller when there is required custom data

FIX - prize draw report slowness

FIX - Draw reports returning results for any contest for any station when any contest selected

FIX - JSON Serialising not respecting config value in some circumstances 

FIX - Get prize list returning all prize details instead of just name and ID

FIX - cannot add draw entrys if two sources from same type

FIX - no named winners are unclickable

FIX - reference bbcommon fox < 

FIX - account management error for stations without groups

FIX - escape ' in prize names for assigning winner link