Thursday 3 March 2022

PhoneBOX 4 Client (STABLE/FROG)

Changes since:

NEW - Add new MCR style devices only view

NEW - New view for Routing with Max lines (two columns) and full sized handset

NEW - Display call statistics and state changes for Anywhere calls

NEW - Improvements to selection of VoIP device - includes, wildcard matching on configured name, case insensitivity, and preselection of default communication device

NEW - Always allow Director media sharing to PostToFile even if no AD sharing permission exists for that user

NEW - Indication when lines are Out of Service, includes Anywhere and SIP registered extensions

NEW - Slideout to access directory entries from a codec

NEW - Auto select audio device based on wildcard rather than exact text

NEW - Change handset icon to headset when used with a VoIP device

FIX - Trap errors when retrieving default communications device

FIX - Websocket connections stuck trying to send in an aborted state

FIX - OAQ active call item not updating in some views without lines

FIX - Ensure client closes when forcibly disconnected by the server

FIX - Change client idle timeout to detect interaction with the application, rather than the operating system

FIX - Improve date picker for DoB so it no longer crashes, and has a sensible default year pre selected

FIX - Unable to drag or unpark new calls that have been marked as screened when screened mode only is active

FIX - Manual Note schedule time not correctly displayed if edited from the on air queue

FIX - Prevent sending of unnecessary codec initialisation messages for router sources that don't relate to a codec under our control

FIX - Handset keys (F5 Park Call, F6 drop call) not working in docked views

FIX - Mismatched regional settings could cause Director social sharing not to work

FIX - Click through changing device selection when closing Director camera screen

FIX - Social connection log entry could cause error

FIX - Truncated prize text in Context lists

FIX - Click through issues with close button on Director popups

FIX - Anywhere invitation's using show display name rather than actual name, causing problems with chat messages not appearing

FIX - CANCEL message sent to end an outbound call before answer is not compliant with SIP specification

FIX - Regression with Ack being sent without Record-Route headers

FIX - Sip domain with port incorrectly overriding the destination sip port

FIX - Potential crash when copying data to clipboard

FIX - Topic cannot be cleared from an item in the call log

FIX - Rejection of ringing call could fail when the client had a mix of skype and normal devices

FIX - Sip performance improvements relating to thread waits and sequencing of messages

FIX - Codec only view displays only a blank screen

FIX - Timed message countdown / colour change not working in some timezones

FIX - New chat messages would not flash when show message time enabled

FIX - Prevent Skype Dial Pad from scrolling when clicking the last item