Thursday 3 March 2022

PhoneBOX (General) (STABLE/FROG)

Changes since:

NEW - Add new extension output actions to trigger GPO when primary or backup servers are active

NEW - Music on hold audio provided by a SIP device

NEW - Allow multiple channels of Skype video to be used simultaneously

NEW - Allow configurable SIP proxy override

NEW - Configurable connection timeout for websocket client (5 second default)

NEW - Add new external interface type for Telos VX and provide show switching caperbilities

NEW - Prevent display of passwords in the configuration web UI

NEW - Change licencing endpoints to use HTTPS

NEW - Add new views for vertical devices, and alternate source routing views

NEW - Indication when lines are Out of Service, includes Anywhere and SIP registered extensions

NEW - Email alerts when trunks go in and out of service - server.ini [email] trunkStateTo=address

NEW - Default anywhere service to using web sockets in config form, and ensure service is correctly set when saving initial entry

NEW - Improve websocket logging

NEW - Improve logging for Virtual Director interface

NEW - Add trunkOos (trunk out of service) property to Service REST API response

NEW - Internal changes to support Anywhere call state and stats display

NEW - Reduce number of worker threads to save memory usage, can be adjusted with ini file [options] minWorkerThreads entry

FIX - Incoming MoH device registrations not working

FIX - Pathfinder Core virtual router IO can stop working after package IO is modified

FIX - Websocket connections stuck trying to send in an aborted state

FIX - Session ids and versions are not generated relative to epoch time

FIX - Unable to negotiate SDP where the same media format is defined more than once

FIX - Virtual director interface unable to parse version in some regions

FIX - CANCEL message sent to end an outbound call before answer is not compliant with SIP specification

FIX - Regression with Ack being sent without Record-Route headers

FIX - Add HTTP response code to websocket client error log entry

FIX - Anywhere account setup failing to use configured web proxy in Web Manager

FIX - Optimise memory usage of Person record cache

FIX - Tieline codec reconnection attempt on shutdown

FIX - Error when starting server with an active call on a codec

FIX - Error when checking availability of SIP Servers

FIX - Do not include Anywhere service licences in total counts

FIX - Aeta codec not sending decoder changes messages to client

FIX - Sip domain with port incorrectly overriding the destination sip port

FIX - Call stuck on handset device after second failed answer attempt

FIX - Trap error if call terminates before lookup completes

FIX - Verbose SQL logging duplicating some log entries, and not substituting all parameter values

FIX - Change end of call database functions to be asynchronous and ensure the call length is updated after the initial lookup completes

FIX - Sip performance improvements relating to thread waits and sequencing of messages

FIX - Handset dialling problem with trunk early media causing no audio