Monday 1 August 2022

Caller One

Changes since:

NEW - Support for Grandstream GXV3380 handset

NEW - Individual chat messages can now be deleted for all users

NEW - Product now runs .NET 6.0. Runtime and hosting bundles are now installed if not present

NEW - Enhancement to SIP stack to allow for dynamic hostname resolution of endpoints, and to support TLS in the future

FIX - Entering 0 on the dial pad with touch incorrectly entered 00

FIX - WebSocket connections stuck trying to send in an aborted state

FIX - WebSocket server sessions now apply a close status description on close

FIX - Prevent sip call with early media from starting audio again once answered

FIX - Cannot create contact with name of existing contact

FIX - Service used by contact calls is now the most recently used, including Anywhere

FIX - Pronouns option linked incorrectly

FIX - Increase receive buffer size of TCP binary client

FIX - Chat time format is now consistent with call times

FIX - Chat time now uses correct time zone

FIX - Early media calls not retaining audio to web rtc screeners after answering

FIX - SIP display names are not correctly escaped for quotation marks and slash characters

FIX - Jitter buffer improvements when sequence numbers rollover back to zero

FIX - SIP authentication fails if provider offers QOP auth-int method

FIX - Internal changes to support dynamic proxy hostname lookups post start-up