Thursday 6 October 2022

Camera One

 Changes since

NEW - It's now possible to add multiple audio Sources of the same type

NEW - FTP downloads are now recoverable

NEW - It is now possible to associate a microphone to input 1 (previously always the default shot)

NEW - It is now possible to link multiple audio levels to a single camera

NEW - It is now possible to select any camera as the default

NEW - Auto switching now continues even when not recording

NEW - The Switch Input config Screen has been split out from audio level assignment

FIX - Disposal fixes to ATEM Switcher, Wheatstone and switcher engine

FIX - Service was not stopping correctly

FIX - Multiple Entries of Enable ISO Recording in UI

FIX - Improvements to Wheatstone level detection. Meter count is now calculated according to data length

FIX - Nvidia media foundation H.264 encoders are now prioritised over Intel Quick Sync

FIX - Resources leak during pause of H.264 encoder

FIX - Audio sync issues on long recordings

FIX - Reset and retry mechanism added to MediaFoundation recording.

FIX - Level not removed from SwitchEngine when removed from Switcher Input

FIX - Add hover highlight and cursor pointer to Input Settings and Level Settings

FIX - Auto Mute does not work

FIX - Auto switch does not switch to default mic when enabled if no one is talking.

FIX - Tally was not clearing in UI on first camera switch

FIX - Minimum and maximum bit rates are now set when streaming directly from ATEM Mini in order to work around a Blackmagic bug

FIX - The start up order of audio manager and GPIO Manager has been changed in order to improve stability