Tuesday 6 June 2023

Camera One

Changes since

FIX - Audio transforms failing to start on Windows 11

FIX - Incorrect name of USB Audio Input Devices was being returned

FIX - Null reference following a failed ATEM connection then a device stop

FIX - Lock added around adding switcher and settings options to improve stability

FIX - Files that include "._" in their file name are now excluded from FTP download

FIX - Improved log file rotation and purging

FIX - General stability improvements to FTP downloads

FIX - FTP download exceptions are now logged rather than just error message

FIX - FTP Client not deleting folders in correct order

FIX - MediaFoundation recording start error

FIX - Recording starts are now initially disabled until everything is ready to go

FIX - FTP download progress graphics no longer working

FIX - Remove duplicate Enable ISO settings, single setting now in Video / Recording

FIX - Startup config settings fix

FIX - Switcher inputs are not picked up when setting up an FTP system from scratch

FIX - ATEM Mini live stream times out.

NEW - FTP errors are now logged

NEW - Config property added to allow FTP errors to be ignored

NEW - Resume existing recording if switcher disconnects during disc (FTP) recording