Monday 16 October 2023

Camera One (BETA)

Changes since

NEW - It is now possible to add multiple instances of the same interface type

FIX - Invalid pixel formats are now converted to 32bit when uploading mute and bug graphics

FIX - RodeCasterMIDI faders were erroneously receiving AxiaGPIO events

FIX - Axia and Wheatstone GPI pins were being incorrectly displayed

FIX - SLIO event numbers were being incorrectly displayed

FIX - Video and audio capture device names overrides were being ignored

FIX - Audio interfaces with the same channel names were causing issues 

FIX - Audio and GPIO interfaces of the same types must have unique IPAddresses

FIX - RodeCaster ASIO driver check improved by using registry keys

FIX - Wheatstone audio failing to start on startup

FIX - Wheatstone setting incorrect trigger values

FIX - Wheatstone SLIO query fails to respond when Wheatstone audio level connection is being set up