Wednesday 6 December 2023

Camera One (BETA)

Changes since

NEW - Triggers can now be configured to switch cameras

NEW - A switcher input can now be assigned as the mute source

NEW - Mute graphic can now be set as disabled

NEW - Triggers tab now includes live indicators

NEW - It is now possible to limit the number of CPU cores utilised for clip creation

NEW - A recording duration limit can now be set

NEW - Improved workflow when deleting an audio interface

NEW - Audio input selection enhanced with new audio level picker

NEW - Date picker now offers more than the previous week if recording purge is set appropriately

NEW - Audio config tab improved by displaying audio interfaces by type

NEW - Live preview now has rounded corners

NEW - Improve indication when recordings are being processed

NEW - Streaming fields now have a clear button

NEW - ATEM streaming option is now hidden when using the base model ATEM Mini

NEW - ISO recording option is now hidden if the ATEM Mini is connected over USB

NEW - There is now a manual switch option for switcher inputs (making it visible despite no mic being assigned)

NEW - Improve labelling of switcher triggers

FIX - Sticky header and footer fixes

FIX - Improved handling of disc being full

FIX - ADAM 6066 interface reconnection improvements

FIX - Timeout now handled properly when adding ADAM 6066

FIX - Clicking the mic icon next to an audio interface now selects that interface in the pop up

FIX - Clicking the mic icon on an audio device  doesn't now show a threshold

FIX - Inputs tab elements now have consistent horizonal alignment

FIX - Missing Ember+ DLLs are now included

FIX - Config file not being updated to reflect mute and bug graphics

FIX - It's no longer possible to add an LWRP source with an invalid IP address

FIX - Layout problem if no mute graphic is set

FIX - Trigger level for Wheatstone input incorrectly saved 

FIX - Updating switcher input name doesn't always refresh UI

FIX - Obsolete -frames ffmpeg option no longer used

FIX - Recording unable to start with ATEM Mini Pro (non ISO) model

FIX - Microphone triggers now ordered the sane as camera inputs