Wednesday 24 January 2024

Audio Server (STABLE/FROG)

Changes since:

 NEW - Audio server update to retry if its a new version is available and the download fails

NEW - Add helper to detect default communications devices

NEW - Pass Anywhere WebRTC ICE status and call stats to Talkshow

NEW - Support for ICE restarts for Anywhere reconnections

NEW - Music on hold audio provided by a SIP device

NEW - Enhance Anywhere call quality log with call ending reason + session guid

NEW - Improve WAV file playback and implement for device inputs with default path to audio folder

NEW - Allow devices with no physical sound output

NEW - Use RFC2833 for sending DTMF for Audio Server and Softphones instead of generated tone

NEW- Update references to latest components and add Opus Ogg file parser and conversion

NEW - Voicemail style device recording


FIX - Crash issue relating to Anywhere call stats

FIX - Ensure recordings that stop when they reach the maximum length are made available to clients

FIX - Anywhere connection object not releasing resources causing memory leak

FIX - If no path is specified for file MOH then use default audio folder

FIX - Jitter buffer losing packets on Seq rollover

FIX - On marker bit received our packet interval should be recalculated and data transfer / buffer size operations adjusted accordingly should it change

FIX - RTP Sequence number not correctly rolling over and always starting from 0

FIX - Improvements to WDM device reliability to prevent of crashing at start of call and allow audio to continue if device is disconnected and reconnected.

FIX - Call recording not working in Automatic mode

FIX - No caller audio after very short ringing period

FIX - Improve log file rotation and purging

FIX - Prevent crash caused by RTP decoder

FIX - Multicast group rejoin/join issues with rapid fire park cycles

FIX - Corrupt ringtone audio played to RTP calls

FIX - Logged error if File Transfer port hit by scanner

FIX - Problem with caller audio if packet marker with no payload received

FIX - Remove timeout causing delays when calls are removed from device/hold

FIX - Unable to reconnect to server after keepalive timeout