Wednesday 24 January 2024

PhoneBOX 4 Client (STABLE/FROG)

Changes since:

NEW - Improvements to MCR devices view - fixes, UI changes, add transfer and dial options to devices, prevent device selection, change device layout, add DTMF slide out, display any screened device as pink.

NEW - Improve usability of WhatsApp Audio

NEW- Implement media attachments to Facebook Messenger messages

NEW - Allow split first name last name in directory  entries (requires server update), add secret mode dialling, and make call button use consistent with call log.

NEW - Use RFC2833 for sending DTMF for Audio Server and Softphones instead of generated tone

NEW - Allow clients using separate shows to shared the same next device indication (requires show guid as chat group name)

NEW- Alter codec only view to also display telco devices

NEW - Close dial pad if device page is changed

NEW - Add all non secret dialled numbers to the last 5 list on the dialpad

NEW - Allow directory entries to be added to the OnAir queue

NEW - Prevent duplicate global directory entries for the same number

NEW - Support for dynamic social accounts and  Message Log filtering by Social Account Group

NEW - Allow source list grouping sort order by prefixing the name with num_

NEW - Add client based Axia GPIO that can trigger when Softphone has an active call

NEW - Encode WhatsApp audio to WAV

NEW - Hide person related call details fields in MCR view

NEW - Ini file [options] UseSoftwareRenderMode=1 to bypass hardware graphics rendering

NEW - Add Director error message when failing to connect to remote studio

NEW - Add server availability indicator to MCR devices view

NEW - Add dial-pad style buttons to Transfer and Forward popups

NEW - Improvements to Directory including duplicate number in check in the 'other numbers', dialling from other numbers and hide codec section if no codecs configured

NEW - Move WhatsApp voice files to recording folder

NEW - Show Director current show in change show dialog.

FIX - Prevent switching line pages/tabs sending unnecessary refresh requests to the server

FIX - Regression in - license exceeded message no longer displayed in client splash screen

FIX - Calls in the 'Ready' queue in Classic Presenter view take up all available space

FIX - Handset sometimes shows as unavailable after view change, even though calls can still be made

FIX - Point text can be limited to one line event though there is more available space in certain line sizes

FIX - Tags and Screened tick box not fully visible in Call Screener (3 Column) view.

FIX - Screened state could become unset after several unpark operations

FIX - Selected message in the presenter viewer should be updated immediately if the content changes

FIX - Unable to respond to WhatsApp messages

FIX - On air queue content not correct after view changes

FIX - Popped call log item text not wrapped if call details are displayed in screener section of view

FIX - Regression - ringtone from early media no longer working

FIX - Prioritise SMS accounts for message sending

FIX - Adjust number of lines per row if >2 columns are used to ensure they are evenly balanced

FIX - Change layout of prize display so all prizes are visible without scrolling

FIX - Docked bar space not released when client disconnected from server

FIX - Tag values not always displayed correctly in the On Air Queue

FIX - Update Active Directory components to latest version

FIX - WhatsApp replies appearing as SMS messages

FIX - Include defaultringtone.wav with the client installer

FIX - No ringtone on VoIP softphone when trunk early media is not present

FIX - Audio library changes to prevent softphone crashes

FIX - Dragging between devices can move active device selection

FIX - Improve screen reader interoperability with the selection sequence at startup

FIX - Secret mode dialling not reliably working when calling from the Directory

FIX - Correct French spelling in client title bar

FIX - Client disconnecting during start-up routine if configured with a large number of devices and lines

FIX - Client slow to start on some enterprise networks

FIX - Hide caller name on lines for secret calls

FIX - Improve usability of WhatsApp audioclips

FIX - Prevent error if social server returns empty image data

FIX - Three column classic view does not show device pages

FIX - Add option to resize slideout control when buttons change

FIX - Allow colouring of device tabs

FIX - Directory filter button not shown as latched when active

FIX - Lastname not included in call log filter

FIX - No caller audio after very short ringing period

FIX - Unable to dial a skype call from the call log on a handset when not in the skype contact list

FIX - Allow VoIP headset to be the default skype device

FIX - Resize line slideout control when buttons change

FIX - Softphone issues decoding first packet of segment and determining updated packet duration

FIX - Allow codecs to be hung-up whilst ringing in

FIX - Source name group displayed on codec selection buttons

FIX - Trap some errors relating to transfer and phonecallrecordchange.

FIX - Call details tabs changing on data entry

FIX - Enable click to dial from OnAir queue as default for MCR view

FIX - Enhance call details tab to hide Info tab on new call records and provide basic detail tab for MCR view

FIX - Improve display of bitrates on codecs

FIX - Transfer popup being cut off when device close to the bottom of screen

FIX - Answer Key device selection incorrectly applied to all answer operations

FIX - Call details not populating from directory when using the second number

FIX - Include time of WhatsApp voicenote in the filename

FIX - Fader icon missing from destinations

FIX - Prevent crashes when double clicking the slide out menus

FIX - Crash if codec dial pad left open for a long time

FIX - Improvements to codec dial pad, mostly for Comrex codecs

FIX - Reduce debounce restriction when adding calls into conference

FIX - Unable to drag calls from conference using a line in SIP systems

FIX - Ringtone issues when audio begins quickly

FIX - Unable to create directory entry from call log item if number 2 field empty

FIX - Crash when viewing some Facebook videos

FIX - When switching to a remote camera UI briefly shows incorrectly selected local camera

FIX - VoIP handset colour not following server config